Results of The Herning Six Day Race

October 23rd-28th 1997

Final results below !

The Herning Six is one of two six-day races in Denmark. The race is held at the Trade Fair center in Herning (if you want to read all about it in Danish, click here to visit their web site!), where they put up one of Ron Webb's portable tracks. The track is 160 metres in length, which should make it relatively easy to gain a lap as it is one of the shorter tracks. (Hey, I only said relatively easy, guys!)

Jimmi Madsen throws Jens Veggerby into the race
Photo courtousy of Team Acceptcard

Jimmi Madsen slings Jens Veggerby in to the race

Final results

Having led for most of the race, Danish pairing of Jens Veggerby and Jimmi Madsen duly took victory in the Herning Six Day. They beat off a strong challenge from Bjarne Riis and Silvio Martinello (who had more points) by putting a lap into them on the final night, with only the Swiss pairing of Bruno Risi and Kurt Betschart able to stay on the same lap.

Jens Veggerby gives us a winner's smile
(photo © by Kim Plesner Frederiksen)
Picture of Jens Veggerby


Position Riders' names Event sponsor Points total Laps down   
1 Jens Veggerby (Denmark)
Jimmi Madsen (Denmark)
AcceptCARD 376 0
2 Bruno Risi (Switzerland)
Kurt Betschart (Switzerland)



3 Bjarne Riis (Denmark)
Silvio Martinello (Italy)
Tele Danmark



4 Jakob Piil (Denmark)
Tayeb Braikia (Denmark)
G I TT E RMAND 327 -2
5 Giovanni Lombardi (Italy)
Adriano Baffi (Italy)
Jack & Jones



6 Etienne De Wilde (Belgium)
Matthew Gilmore (Australia)
7 Marco Villa (Italy)
Michael Sandstød (Denmark)
JBS 187 -12
8 Carsten Wolf (Germany)
Andreas Walzer (Germany) 
Böklunder 175 -17
9 Gerd Dörich (Germany)
Mikael Kyneb (Denmark)
KK Electronic 170 -19
10 Rik van Slijcke (Belgium)
Lorenzo Lapage (Belgium)
MEDICA Cool fix 90 -21
11 Peter Pieters (Holland)
Scott McGrory (Australia)
KPC Byg 179 -24


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