The Ghent Six Day Race

November 18th - 23rd 1997

Matthew Gilmore and Etienne de Wilde win!

Fat Nick is a lucky chap. He went to watch the last three nights of this year's Ghent Six, or the Zesdaagse van Vlaanderen, to use its proper title. Have a look at his photos. Fat Nick's ticket for the Ghent Six-Day

This year's Ghent Six day cycle race saw the lead change hands virtually every night in a hotly contested race, and the result was not decided until the final session. Even on the last day, there were five teams fighting for overall victory. In the end, local hero Etienne de Wilde was too strong to stop, winning his ninth Ghent Six at the age of 39. It was the first 6-day win for his young partner, Matthew Gilmore, but with the class he demonstrated in Ghent, I expect to see Matt win many more Sixes - just like his dad won a few in the early 1970's. Word has also reached Fat Nick's ears that Matt's mother is the sister of a certain Barry Hoban's wife....

Meantime, Britain's James Notley and Phil West (winners of the Madison event at last weekend's track meeting at the Manchester velodrome) were riding the amateur Ghent Six. They put on a brave performance in the face of some stiff competition (the winning Swiss amateurs had also won the Munich amateur Six this year), and finished with three teams behind them. Well done James and Phil!


Position Riders Points
1 Etienne de Wilde - Matthew Gilmore (Belgium - Australia) 464
2 Jens Veggerby - Jimmi Madsen (Denmark) 359
  One lap down  
3 Silvio Martinello - Marco Villa (Italy) 478
4 Adriano Baffi - Frank Corvers (Italy - Belgium) 415
  Two laps down  
5 Bruno Risi - Kurt Betschart (Switzerland) 435
  Ten laps down  
6 Jakob Piil - Tayeb Braikia (Denmark) 385
  Thirteen laps down:  
7 Carsten Wolf - Gerd Dörich (Germany) 307
  16 laps down:  


Andreas Kappes - Lorenzo Lapage (Germany - Belgium)


  28 laps down:  
9 Urs Freuler - Andrea Colinelli (Switzerland - Italy) 225
  34 laps down:  
10 Paul Van Hyfte - Rik Van Slijcke (Belgium) 172
  42 laps down  
11 Scott McGrory - Matthew Allan (Australia) 192
  51 laps down  
12 Steven de Neef - Danny Baeyens (Belgium) 149



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