The 1998 Berlin Six Day Race

January 22nd 1998- 27th 1998

Silvio Martinello and Marco Villa win Berlin six-day race!


Italy's Silvio Martinello and Marco Villa won the 87th Berlin six-day cycle race. The Italian duo clinched their victory in the very final sprint of the last night to win by just ten points from Andreas Kappes and his partner Adriano Baffi. Third place went to German pairing of Carsten Wolf and Gerd Dörich, who were 38 points behind.

For a more in-depth report of the event, read Fat Nick's description of his visit to the 1998 Berlin Six.


Interim results after 5th night:

1. Jens Veggerby/Jimmi Madsen (Denmark) 201 points
+ 1 lap
2. Andreas Kappes/Adriano Baffi (Germany/Italy) 257 points
3. Silvio Martinello/Marco Villa (Italy) 256 points
4. Carsten Wolf/Gerd Dörich (Germany) 220 points
+ 2 laps:
5. Etienne de Wilde/Matthew Gilmore (Belgium/Australia) 173 points
6. Bruno Risi/Kurt Betschart (Switz\erland) 105 points
+ 9 laps:
7. Andreas Walzer/Miguel Alzamora (Germany/Spain) 87 points
+ 10 laps:
8. Tayeb Braikia/Jakob Piil (Denmark) 76 points
9. Lars Teutenberg/Thorsten Rund (Germany) 50 points
+ 11 laps:
10. Guido Fulst/Ralf Liehner (Germany) 88 points.

Other riders (positions uncertain):
9. Andreas Beikirch (Büttgen) - Mario Vonhof (Berlin) (Abandoned when Beikirch contracted Chicken Pox)
10. Danilo Hondo (Cottbus) - Olaf Pollack (Cottbus)
11. Peter Pieters (NL) - Sascha Henrix (Düren)
12. Jean-Michel Monin (F) - Rik van Slijcke (B)
13. Lorenzo Lapage (B) - Frank Corvers (B)
14. Lutz Lehmann (B) - Pascal Lino (F)
15. Thomas Liese (Leipzig) - Stefan Steinweg (Unna)
16. Guido Fulst (Berlin) - Ralf Liehner (Stuttgart)
18. Jens Lehmann (Leipzig) - Christian Lademann (Berlin)

Oh yes: Britain's James Notley and Jon Hargreaves are riding the amateur "Zukunftsrennen" during the Berlin Six. Both are regular riders at the Manchester Velodrome, and Fat Nick wishes them both well in the Berlin race.


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